About Cosmic Exile

The COSMIC EXILE project is rooted in the research I have been conducting in recent years on the impact that the sci-fi genre, with its low-budget movies and trashy fiction, has on contemporary culture. The drawings, produced between 2013 and 2020, use a metaphoric imaginary to recreate today’s experiences by combining different retro-futuristic iconographies taken from pulp fiction and space operas. Based on these images, I have reimagined their component parts and their original messages with a view to creating a dystopia that now ironically draws a parallel with the times we are living in, defined by Covid-19.

The pictures depict scenes that are simultaneously both extraordinary and commonplace because we now consider normal what in historical terms is fully out of the ordinary. All these experiences, perceived collectively, inform our awareness of living in a different world to our forebears. Hence the reason I am interested in gathering the variations of the archetypes that science fiction has elicited in the artistic and literary imagination and resituating them in our present reality from a feminist perspective.


Lorena Amorós, 2021.